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Terms of Use
MILIAL RESORT HOTELS Co., Ltd. does not guarantee the accuracy of the information in this Home Page herein, and is not liable for any loss or damage, arising from the use of the information. Information within this front page is intended for Japanese residents.
Privacy Policy
MILIAL RESORT HOTELS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "MRH," "we," "us," "our") is committed to providing maximum protection of user's personal information. The policy stated below will apply to all matters regarding the user's personal information (as defined below in "1. Basic Policy"). However, privacy policy separately set forth by MRH and rules for various services including User Rules and Member Rules will apply to the handling of personal information collected by MRH; through Disney Hotels official site owned and operated under license from The Walt Disney Company (U.S.A) (herein after "Disney"), and through business relating to Tokyo Disney Resort.
1. Basic Policy
To facilitate our business, MRH has collected and used user's personal information (the "Personal Information"). For purpose of this Privacy Policy, Personal Information means not only information that identifies a particular individual, such as the individual's name, postal address, e-mail address, and telephone number, etc. but also other information such as consumer product preferences etc. that is associated with personally identifiable information. Recognizing that it is our responsibilities to appropriately protect the Personal Information, we will handle the Personal Information pursuant to the basic policies below.

MRH will abide by the Japanese legislation regarding Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter "Personal Information Protection Law") and other related laws and regulations. Besides, MRH will appropriately handle and, from time to time, endeavor to improve the handling of, the Personal Information, based on the practices that are generally accepted as fair and reasonable.


MRH will define the rules for the handling of the Personal Information and cause its employees to know and understand such rules. MRH will also request external business partners to properly handle the Personal Information.


In collecting the Personal Information, MRH will specify and notify or announce the purpose of the use, based on which the Personal Information will be handled.


MRH will appropriately protect the Personal Information by taking security measures to prevent the Personal Information from divulgence, loss, or damage.


At user's request to access to, update, and delete the Personal Information about the user retained by MRH and discontinue MRH's use of the Personal Information, the user can contact in accordance with the provisions stated below in "7. How to access your Personal Information etc."

2. Purpose of Use etc.
MRH collects the Personal Information necessary for its business operations, which will be used only to the extent of essential purpose set up when collected and User Rules notified in advance.
Also, for smoother business performance, MRH may entrust the business in part with business partners, and may share the Personal Information with such entrusted party to a necessary extent. In such case, MRH will take appropriate measures such as the execution of a contract between MRH and such entrusted party which includes provisions with regard to the handling of the Personal Information.
3.Disclosure to or Sharing with the Third Party
The Personal Information will not be disclosed to or shared with the third party by MRH, except to or with the entrusted party above, or unless;
(1) MRH obtains the user's consent,

the Personal Information is disclosed or shared in a personally unidentifiable manner such as statistical data etc.


laws and regulations require us to disclose or provide the Personal Information,


it is difficult to obtain user's consent, but Personal Information is required to protect human life, health, or property, or


national institutions or local bodies require us to assist with matters required by law, and obtaining of the user's consent threatens to hamper their administrative works relating to such matters.

4. Access to the Personal Information
At user's request, the user can access Personal Information data retained by MRH (hereinafter "Retained Data") about him or her to a reasonable extent and for a reasonable period after identifying himself or herself by a certain document etc.
5. Update/ Addition/ Deletion of Personal Information
In the event that user desires to update, add, or delete his or her factual Retained Data, user can do so to a reasonable extent and for a reasonable period after identifying himself or herself by a certain document etc.
6. Discontinuance
In the event that user desires MRH's discontinuance to use Retained Data about such user, MRH will cease to use such data to a reasonable extent and for a reasonable period after user identifies himself or herself by a certain document etc. However, please understand that, with respect to the Personal Information retained pursuant to the requirements by related laws and regulations, MRH may not respond to such request.
7. How to access your Personal Information etc.
If you have any questions or any requests of the access to Retained Data, you can contact us as follows. Unless you contact in the following manners, MRH may not respond to your request as the case may be.

(1) Call 047-305-2800 (between the hours of 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays) or write us at Privacy Office, MILIAL RESORT HOTELS Co., Ltd. 29-1 Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba Pref., 279-8505, Japan.
In accessing the Retained Data, the requesting party is required to identify himself or herself (or an agent). In some cases, the application form as designated by MRH may be required to fill in. Detailed procedure will be informed when user requests.
(2) Clerical charges
Following the request, MRH will, in principle, answer in writing, and clerical charges equivalent to the actual postal expenses (392 yen per one copy) will be invoiced to the requesting party.